Our Process

1. Phone Consultation

During our first phone call, we will go over scope of your project. We will talk about pricing over the phone, and will schedule an in-person visit if needed to get a better sense of the details.

2. In-House Consultation

After understanding your essential needs, we’ll come and meet you and check out your project in person. Together we’ll create a timeline and the specifics of the project. When we agree on how things unfold, we’ll sign the contract and get started on the design or build plan.

3. The Design Phase

Once the contract is signed and the deposit is collected, we’ll go over the design. We will go over layout, colors, and more. John will handpick variations for you to choose from and you’ll finalize every (not-so-little) detail.

4. Project Scheduled

Once the details are finalized, we will get your project on the schedule. We’ll start to order materials and gear up to bring your dream space to life.

5. The Build Phase Project

This is where John does his magic! He and his crew get to work on crafting your space, leaving no detail unfinished. We provide daily updates, remind you of upcoming phases of the project, and let you know if anything changes.

6. Enjoy Your Improved Home

When the project is completed, we’ll do a final walkthrough and make sure that every detail is exactly as you’ve imagined it. After the project handover, you can enjoy and cherish every inch of your newly-improved home with your loved ones.

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